Alpacas and Sustainability

At the heart of our dedication to sustainability lies our approach to sourcing fibers and utilizing them thoughtfully. Alpacas, celebrated for their fleece and the creation of beautiful textiles, are recognized as one of the most eco-friendly animals on the planet. This inherent sustainability, combined with the allure of their fibers, served as the inspiration for Rosemary's venture into textiles more than two decades ago.

To this day, alpacas and their fibers are the main source and inspiration for Rosemary's textiles. She continues to bring a modern vision to this ancient tradition of artisanal alpaca craftsmanship.

Alpacas, with their gentle presence and luxurious fleece, embody a practical elegance in sustainable agriculture. Moving lightly across the land, they have a minimal environmental impact with their soft footsteps and mindful grazing habits.

Beyond their charm, alpacas serve as sustainable sources, producing a renewable fleece that showcases natural hues, reducing the need for synthetic dyes. Their efficient feed conversion, lower methane emissions, and modest water requirements contribute to an eco-friendly farming model.

Alpacas represent a balanced and pragmatic approach to sustainability in agriculture, where beauty harmonizes with environmental responsibility.