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Hand-Painted Alpaca Bouclé Rug

Working closely with her artisans for over 15 years developing and innovating bouclé, Rosemary has created this Hand Painted extension of the original alpaca bouclé rug Solid. This hypoallergenic, deliciously comfortable flatweave rug from Peru is made of the softest alpaca. The yarn is painted by hand before being woven to create a natural painterly effect. This rug is practical—alpaca being more resistant to dirt than wool—reversible and durable making it perfect for a playroom 

or family room as well as bedrooms.

  • Composition: Alpaca, Polyamide
  • Construction: Flatweave
  • Country of Origin: Peru
  • Max Width: 17 feet

Request a Sample

Standard sample size is 6" x 6". For a larger sample, contact us.

    Standard sample size is 6” x 6”

    For a larger sample please Contact us.