Rosemary Hallgarten


Authentically original. Artisanal in nature. As the original in alpaca boucle rugs and fabrics, Rosemary’s designs have always celebrated the rich tactile sensuality of the material. Her appreciation of the artisanal process, and passion for the textile, is what has made Rosemary’s name synonymous with custom luxury textiles that touch all senses.

Experience the full array of rugs, fabrics, throws, and pillows and preview the newly launched Aurora Collection at our Flagship Showroom located in the New York Design Center at 200 Lex, or by appointment only at our headquarters at 163 Main Street in Norwalk, CT.

"My new collection was inspired by the warm luminosity that emerges from and end-of-summer light...
"From the days of hand-hooking rugs at home, to traveling the globe to find the most luxurious fibers ...
With an innate eye for design and passion for the arts, Rosemary has fused...

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