Eco Pebble Boucle Throw - Pura Undyed

A true statement of our efforts to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as we possibly can. Eco Pebble Boucle is made of 100% undyed Alpaca fibers. Alpacas are also widely known as one of the most environmentally friendly animals on the planet due to their gentle grazing and soft padded feet among other features.

Eco Pebble Boucle highlights all of these eco-friendly features yet retains all of the soft and textual luxury you know from Rosemary’s Pebble boucle.

  • Composition: 100% Undyed Alpaca
  • Size: 50" x 70" / 127cm x 178cm

Our Eco Pebble Boucle in Fauna
is an undyed fabric option.


Standard sample size is 6" x 6". 
Please use our contact page to request samples.