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Flow Rug

As the originator in Alpaca rugs, Rosemary developed Flow and Geo Boucle in response to the increasing demand for a Rosemary original alpaca rug, as well as the desire to create a textile that is incomparable in design and concept. Flow blends our classic alpaca rugs Pebble Boucle, Double Weave Boucle, and Zoe together in an organic pattern and joins them with a plush alpaca detail. The design can be customized and created uniquely for your clients. 
  • Composition: Alpaca, Pebble Bouclé, Polyamide
  • Construction: Flatweave
  • Country of Origin: Peru
  • Max Width: 17 feet

Request a Sample

Standard sample size is 6"x6". For a larger sample, contact us.