The Experience of Texture

Experience the Haven Collection. Luscious. Textural. Inviting.

Our Watercolor fabric is a fun and playful nod to our ever popular Ombré design. The artisanal gradations are hand-dyed to create a unique watercolor effect that compliments the most modern of spaces or can add an unexpected pop of color to a more rustic and earthy design.

Vibrant pops of color fused with subdued hues. The Bédouine Collection is a versatile and rich collection that mixes luxurious and unique fabric that withstands the elements to compliment both indoor and outdoor living.

While we are all home, we are all also looking for fun and exciting ways to spice up the evening routine. We hope these recipes from our artisans and mills around the globe provide you with a night of cooking fun and delicious meals. Bon Appétit!

Throw 2 Grow is a campaign we are launching in support of our mission to take care of our people and our planet. For every watercolor or ombré throw that is purchased, a tree will be donated to the village where our artisans live in support of their efforts to build and sustain new tree growth amid their dry and barren environment.

Elevated masculine hues paired with ultra soft texture and subtle shimmer. Timeless color pairings that are sophisticated and versatile. The versatile hue that pairs with any palette or stands on its own.

Invite modern color transitions into your home with a striking ombré effect to accentuate your favorite color palette. Our ombré is a hand-crafted technique that Rosemary and her team of skilled artisans have been perfecting for years before ombré ever became a “trend”.

Timeless and textural, bouclé has long been a staple in fashion. The ultra-soft nature of a Rosemary Hallgarten bouclé is arguably one of the finest and most pure bouclé yarns on the market today.