Beyond the Trend: Bouclé

  • 1 min read
Timeless and textural, bouclé has long been a staple in fashion. Still to this day it remains synonymous with luxury and elegance. The curls and loops, a nod to the French word it’s derived from, are what make bouclé the textural eye-candy that exudes richness in its hand-woven nature. The ultra-soft nature of a Rosemary Hallgarten bouclé comes from its uniquely high ratio of alpaca fibers that are used to creation of the yarn, arguably one of the finest and most pure bouclé yarns on the market today. 

Whether soft, tiny circlets or supple, larger curls, it all starts with a designer vision and the artisans that bring it to life.
Rosemary has worked with her artisans for over a decade. From small villages in Peru, they often craft in their own homes, and commonly as a family. This allows them to spend more time together and valuable technique are passed from generation to generation that bring this beautiful process from loom to showroom.

Designer: Amy Hirsch Photographer: Neil Landino
Here at RHI we have been playing with the versatility of the bouclé yarn for years. Whether we are creating rugs, fabrics and throws which our clients can use to bring comfort, warmth and richness to their spaces.