Vintage Wash - Wool

It's hard to believe that this soft, shimmery rug is 100% wool.  In a similar process to the silk, we give our wool rugs a special wash finish, which brings up the natural lanolin in the yarn and transforms the wool into a new interpretation of beauty. Uncomplicated in its appearance, this chic rug is both simple and sumptuous and can be used in any setting.  Kid and dog friendly, it provides a cost-effective and practical alternative to our Vintage Wash silk rugs. The carving detail can be included along one edge or on all four sides.

  • Available in custom colors and sizes
  • Residential use, but also available for hospitality
  • GoodWeave certified
  • Suitable for wall-to-wall and stairs
  • Composition: 100-knot Wool
  • Max Width: 24'

Standard sample size is 6" x 6". 
Please use our contact page to request samples.