Ombre - Wool and Silk

The ombre effect in this rug is created in the same way as the 100-knot silk, as we take 4-6 colors as our starting point and blend them to create over 20 tones. We dye and combine an equal amount of wool yarn and silk yarn, tweeding them together in the knotting process. The tweeded rug maintains a large degree of the radiance of silk, but is more practical and cost-effective with the wool blend. The ombre design can be customized in a number of different options such as light to dark or dark to light to dark.

  • Composition: 50% Silk / 50% Wool
  • Construction: 100 Knot
  • Max Width: 24 feet

Standard sample size is 6" x 6". 
Please use our contact page to request samples.