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Melange™ Pebble Bouclé Rug

A play on Rosemary's original Pebble Bouclé rug, Melange™ is a textural, and classic rug that looks and feels super soft. It has Plush Alpaca Linen yarn as its base, which adds a touch of color throughout the rug. As with all of Rosemary's original bouclé rugs, Melange™ is a plush flatweave that has the added benefit of being reversible, durable, and hypoallergenic. Our existing Alpaca Linen Plush colors can be used for custom color options. Custom options for the Pebble Bouclé yarn are available.
  • Composition: Pebble Bouclé, Alpaca Linen Plush
  • Construction: Flatweave
  • Country of Origin: Peru
  • Max Width: 17'