Rosemary Hallgarten

There is an unmistakable quality of life, luxury and luminosity a Rosemary Hallgarten textile brings to a room. Each carries a singular blending of an ancient craft with a modern luxurious sensibility. 

Authentically original. Artisanal in nature. As the originator of alpaca boucle rugs and fabrics, Rosemary’s designs have always celebrated the rich tactile sensuality of the material. Inspired by the luxurious texture and versatility of alpaca and the history and traditions of Peruvian weavers dating back to the Inca period, Rosemary began working with her artisans in Peru over 20 years ago. Her appreciation of the artisanal process, and passion for the textile, is what has made Rosemary’s name synonymous with custom luxury textiles that touch all senses.

This fall Rosemary opened her Flagship Showroom in NYC, located in the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Ave. There you will be able to experience our full array of rugs, fabrics, throws, and pillows and preview our newly launched Haven Collection. We welcome you with open arms to peruse the showroom and interact with inspiring vignettes pairing RHI products with FBC London furniture.