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Hand-Painted Alpaca Bouclé Rug

Working closely with her artisans for over 15 years developing and innovating bouclé, Rosemary has created this extension of the original alpaca bouclé rug Solid™. This hypoallergenic, deliciously comfortable flatweave rug from Peru is made of the softest alpaca. The yarn is painted by hand before being woven to create a natural painterly effect. This rug is practical—alpaca being more resistant to dirt than wool—reversible and durable making it perfect for a playroom or family room as well as bedrooms.

  • Composition: Alpaca, Polyamide
  • Construction: Flatweave
  • Country of Origin: Peru
  • Max Width: 17 feet

Request a Sample

Standard sample size is 6" x 6". For a larger sample, contact us.