Rosemary Hallgarten

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The Bédouine Colletion - Spring 2020

  Vibrant pops of color fused with subdued hues. The Bédouine Collection is a versatile and rich collection that mixes luxurious and unique fabric that withstands the elements to compliment both indoor and outdoor living. A collection inspired by the dramatic, unpredictable and ethereal landscape of the north African atlas range, from the inky blues and clean whites of the mountain tops to the hot tones of the Sahara desert this collection takes the aesthetic of ancient traditions and merges them with modern design elements.   INDOOR / OUTDOOR    

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Ombré: The Versatile Classic

Invite modern color transitions into your home with a striking ombré effect to accentuate your favorite color palette. Our ombré is a hand-crafted technique that Rosemary and her team of skilled artisans have been perfecting for years before ombré ever became a “trend”. Ombré creates versatility in its application on fabrics and it has quickly become a playful, yet elegant design style that affords the freedom to showcase your favorite colors in an unexpected way.  

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